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Low-impact holiday tips

Low Impact Christmas

On this World Climate Day, we are giving you some low-impact holiday tips :

📝Make lists of your gifts and meals to avoid over-consumption and waste of food.

🧶Be creative by making your holiday decorations with materials already in the house.

🚚Shop local! Not only does supporting local help your community, but it also means you are reducing the environmental impact of long distance deliveries.

🌲Don’t send your tree to the dump after Christmas! It will decompose without oxygen and produce more methane, which is far more damaging than CO2. Instead, chop it up for a campfire or let it rot down on your property to provide habitat for wildlife and feed your garden.

🎁Make your own wrapping and if you can, avoid any form of plastic.

This holiday season, take care of the planet and the people you love. 💚

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