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One billion plastic lip balm tubes head to landfill EVERY YEAR

"My lips get chapped all year round, summer and winter - so applying lip balm has always been part of my daily routine. Honestly, the typical lip balms are ineffective and so small that I lost them all the time (very inexpensive too, so it wasn't a problem to replace them regularly). More shocking plastic documentaries have started to surface on YouTube and Netflix. At that point, I came to the realization that I had to switch to a sustainable alternative, and say goodbye to the plastic tubes I was leaving behind. From there was born, Maemae."

Rosalie M.
Maemae Founder


plastic pollution

Why is the typical lip balm a problem?

Conventional lip balm is not only poured into a plastic tube, it is also made of the same ingredients that form plastic. Most lip balms contain synthetic waxes and petroleum-derived ingredients like petrolatum or mineral oil. This means that when you wear lip balm, every time you lick your lips, you swallow plastic…

Plastic tubes are problematic because they are made from non-renewable resources. They are difficult to produce and nearly impossible to get rid of once produced. Instead of biodegrading, plastic breaks down into microplastics that pollute our land, water and even our air.

Can plastic lip balm tubes be recycled?

Unfortunately, lip balm tubes are not recyclable, even when thrown in the green bin because you read the "recyclable" symbol on the tube. They are small enough to clog machinery and are usually made of a mixture of non-recyclable plastics. They end up in landfill, then in our waters, and finally wash up on our beaches.

How can I be more sustainable?

Opt for lip balms made entirely of natural ingredients in zero-waste containers such as cardboard, glass or aluminum.

Ours vs Theirs



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