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How to use our push up lip balms

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How to use our push up lip balms?

No plastic twisty bottoms here. Push and hold with your finger. Apply a couple layers on to your lips as often as needed. Put the lid back on with a twisting motion to avoid damaging the inner tube. Do not store in direct sunlight. Store upright when possible. Don't forget to compost!

What if I pushed the balm too high?

You can push gently with your lips or finger after use or tap the bottom on a hard surface.

How long will each tube last?

Our lip balms are well over double the size of typical lip balms so will last twice as long!

Are these home compostable?

Yes. Once you're done, simply pop it in your garden to break down and nourish the earth. Unlike some other cardboard tubes lined with plastic, we've used PLA paper. 100% bio-based, completely compostable and biodegradable.




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