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Beauty Revolution: 4 Things to Expect From Your Favorite Brand in 2023

Are you a beauty enthusiast who loves to keep up with the latest skincare, makeup and hair care products? While looking great doesn't have to mean compromising on ethics, finding high-quality ethically sourced beauty products can be challenging. An ethical beauty brand is a company that produces and sells makeup, skincare, or other beauty products in an ethical, socially responsible way. This includes using natural and organic ingredients that are not tested on animals, as well as making sure their production process does not harm the environment. As our desires continue to evolve towards responsible consumption habits rooted in sustainability, here are 4 ethical things to expect from your favourite brand in 2023!

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1. More transparency

The beauty industry is no stranger to criticism and skepticism; however, steps can be taken to ensure trustworthiness. Transparency and communication of ingredients and pricing is one such measure that companies can take in order to create a responsible relationship with their customers. This means being upfront about the contents in products as well as accurately depicting the price and value for money in every item, which will help people make informed decisions. Everyone deserves to understand what they are buying and have access to honest deals - transparency from all players within the beauty sector will ultimately benefit consumers and create an environment where brands can stand behind their products proudly.


2. Alternatives to conventional beauty packaging

An estimated 120 billion units of packaging are produced every year by the global cosmetics industry, most of which are not recyclable. Beauty products come in many shapes and sizes and can be made with different kinds of materials, the most common being plastic. Plastic is used for convenience and affordability, but it comes at a cost – it can take thousands of years to break down and is usually not recycled due to its complex structure. All this plastic waste contributes to an increase in global warming, pollution, and the destruction of wildlife habitats. So, what can we do about it? We can start by reducing packaging - this means choosing products that have minimal packaging or even buying refillable containers instead of single-use ones wherever possible. Reducing our plastic use is also key; look for alternatives to single-use plastics like reusable bags when shopping for beauty and skincare products.


3. Encouraging the customers to buy local

The rise of online shopping has been a great benefit for many people, but it has made local shopping more difficult. Fortunately, there are now beauty brands that are encouraging people to shop locally. These brands seek to promote local establishments while still offering high-quality products. They recognize the importance of supporting their local economies and are doing their part to help them thrive. By purchasing from these brands, consumers can not only get quality items at reasonable prices, but they can also make a positive impact on their communities. Shopping locally helps create jobs and strengthen the community, so it’s worth considering when looking for your next beauty purchase.

4. Putting social responsibility at its heart

The beauty industry has a responsibility to uphold ethical standards and promote positive messages regarding body image, self-esteem, gender equality, and consumer safety. Beauty brands have the power to shape our society’s view of beauty and should use that power responsibly. For example, some beauty brands are shifting away from using heavily edited images in their campaigns to emphasize an honest and realistic representation of people.


Ready for guilt-free beauty shopping?

Take your time when researching and always check their product labels, price points, and certification to ensure that your purchase is ethically sourced. Providing support for ethical beauty brands will not only benefit them, but it can also encourage other companies to take similar steps toward sustainable practices.

Together we can create a better future filled with beautiful, ethical beauty products. Let's join together to help pass the message and share our passion for ethical beauty with our friends and family!


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